The Sign

Suddenly everything around the room seemed to lose distinction, blurring into a kaleidoscope of colors. I looked down as the deep red strain spread across the front of my new sweater. It’s funny that the sweater was what I noticed, perhaps my minds way of keeping me from seeing the gaping hole in my chest and panicking. I knew this was it, this was the end to a short miserable existence… but was it really that miserable ? For the most part I had an amazing life, it was nobody’s fault but my own that it had been wasted. I had been selfish, ungrateful, and had seemingly stomped every opportunity I’d been given into the dirt. Yes, this was my fault. It was never going to end any other way than this, not with the way I have been. The darkness started tearing at the edges of my vision, and as I started to fall into that final sleep, I heard the strangest noise.                         

Darting up out of my sweat soaked bed I reached for my alarm. I had been having this dream for months… perhaps it was time I tried to change my life. I was spiralling out of control and this dream was giving me a warning. One should never die without knowing they took advantage of every opportunity they had been given. Yes, this dream was a sign, a sign I definitely needed to see.



As he took the last drag from his evening cigarette, Sebastian thought he could feel her near. He felt his rage flare out of control, and stood to look for her. Then suddenly he was swept off his feet and slammed hard into the concrete below. Trying desperately to catch his breath he looked up to see a shadowy figure gliding towards him. “Y…Y…you..” He stuttered, climbing to his feet. “Yes.” The figure calmly said, plunging its fist into Sebastians chest. In utter shock he stared at the hole in his chest, mouth agape, and with his last coherent thought he wondered if she had sent this creature. 


Seemed no matter how much I begged she would not change her mind. She was insistent upon leaving and never coming back. As I opened the door and bid her farewell however, I could see in her eyes that she would be back. So now I wait… it’s been 22 years since that night, but I know she’ll return… and I’ll be here when she does. 


Words formed in my mind,                              Only to disperse while I,                                    Never having uttered a breath,                      suffered an emotional death.       

Eternal struggle

A single leaf drifted through the evening air. Gabriel sat with his eyes closed allowing his mind to drift with the Autumn breeze. It didn’t feel as if it had been that long ago that this place had been his home. The only thing that remained unchanged about the town of Rockdale however was the historic district. The town, now a blossoming metropolis, was once home to only a handful of people. That had been a century ago however, and now everything had changed. Everything that is, except for Gabriel. Cursed to walk this earth alone for all of eternity, never to know the peace of death. Angered by that thought he stood and opened his eyes, just in time to see a  leaf fall at the foot of his first loves grave. As he turned to leave he knew he could never return here, his heart could no longer handle this. So he left, continuing his search for the cure to his everlasting burden, seeking an end to his torment. 

Shattered dreams

Forcing himself to stand he looked out at his kingdom as it had become. Shattered glass covered the floors of his castle, like the fragments of memories he had of this place. It had been a horrendous battle, and he had won… but at what cost ? 


Stepping out into the cold, I realized I had nowhere to go. Yet, I could not for the life of me return to that place. I had dwelt in that unforgiving abyss for far too long. So I chose the nomads life, wandering to and fro seeking desperately the purpose I had seemingly been denied.